The Lollipopa Story

Savannah Frye is the founder and CEO of Lollipopa. She is 8 years old and loves to travel, swim, play with dogs, and play basketball. This kid CEO is a left handed guitarist and big sister to two younger brothers. She also enjoys throwing one amazing party! For her 8th birthday, she travelled to Paris, France, visited the Eiffel Tower, and ate macaroons. Now that was one amazing birthday! This year, she hopes to adopt a fury friend.

A pretty girl wearing glasses. She has long braids in her hair. They are in a ponytail. She is standing in front of a scenery that is above a cliff that overlooks a green landscape and an ocean.  She is wearing a pink vest and black and white skirt. She is in Hawaii.


Why the Name Lollipopa?

Lollipopa was launched in November 2018 on the 4th Birthday of Founder and CEO Little Miss Savannah Frye. When Little Miss Savannah was three years old, her preschool regularly awarded "star student" designations to students in the classroom. Star students were allowed to pick lollipops from the lollipop tree.

3-year old Savannah would call her lollipop "lollipopa" as she begged to eat her sugar filled reward before her dinner. The name Lollipopa was born out of a spirit of excellence which is the cornerstone of our business today!


A stick with a red apple and a playful green worm hanging out of it. The worm has a smile. There are lollipops down the stick. There is an orange pencil with a pink eraser.
 Here is a picture of the actual lollipop tree and
the inspiration for the Lollipopa name. 

What is Lollipopa?

Imagine a whimsical world far far away where anything is possible for every little girl. A place where no one suggests that because of their gender there is something they cannot do. A world where little girls are empowered to create and affirm their unique strengths and abilities.

This land is no longer far away nor is it a place we must only imagine. This whimsical magic happens every day in Lollipopa, a world of birthday fairies who overcome obstacles, solve problems, and bring birthday cheer to little girls.

What Do We Do?

Lollipopa offers a birthday and celebrate box experience created to inspire little girls ages 3 to 12 to believe in a world full of possibility. Our products and services spark imagination, nurture a playful spirit, embrace femininity, and expose little girls to life's endless possibilities at the perfect age and stage of their growth and development. 

Every Lollipopa product is age appropriate and is selected to nurture femininity and an early desire to explore new pastimes.